Celebration / organize national and international commemorative days, events and festivals
Alluri Sitarama Raju JayanthiRepublic DayAmbedkar JayanthiGandhi JayanthiAlluri Sitarama Raju Jayanthi
Ambedkar JayanthiAIDS dayIndependence DayIndependence DayIndependence Day 
Azadi Ka Amrith MahostavAmbedkar JayanthiMartyrs Day Internatioanl Yoga DayVoters Day  
Babu Jagjivan Ram JayanthiCelebration of National Flag DayRepublic DayNetaji Subash Chandra Bose JayanthiRepublic Day 
Gurram Jashuva JayanthiCP BrownJayanthiNetaji Subash Chandra Bose JayanthiTanguturi Prakasam Pantulu JayanthiTeacher’s Day 
Guru PurnimaElectroal Literacy ClubSwamy Vivekananda JayanthiVoters Day   
Internatioanl Yoga DayGandhi JayanthiValmiki JayanthiAIDS day  
International Mother Language DayHuman Rights Day    
Jyothi Rao Phule JayanthiIndian Constitutional Day    
Martyrs Day International Computer Security Day    
Mother Theressa Birthday International Mother Language Day    
Sri Murthy Raju Jayanthi International Yoga Day    
Nathional Mathematics DayJyothi Rao Pule Jayanthi    
National Consumers DayLouis Braily Birthday    
National Deworming Day Gurajada  Apparao Jayanthi    
National Education Day National Deworming Day    
National Energy Conservation Day National Consumer Rights Day    
National Girl Child DayNational Education Day    
National Human Rights Day National Girl Child Day    
National Science Day National Library Day    
International Women’s Day National Mathematics Day    
Netaji Subash Chandra Bose JayanthiNational Pollution day    
Raja Rammohan Rai 250th JayanthiNational Science Day    
Swamy Vivekananda JayanthiNational Sports Day    
Teacher’s DayNational Unity Day & AP Formation Day    
Telugu Basha DinosthavamNational Voters Day    
Voters Day Republic Day    
  National Women Teachers Day    
 SR Shankaran IAS Jayanthi    
 Sri Sri Jayanthi    
 Valmiki Jayanthi    
  World Book & Copyrights Day    
 World Commerce Day    
 World Earth Day    
 World Environment Day    
 World Music Day    
 World Population Day    
 World Teacher’s Day    
Quality audits on environment and energy regularly undertaken by the Institution  
The institutional environment and energy initiatives are confirmed through the following 
1. Green Audit / Environment Audit      
2. Energy Audit        
3.Clean and Green Campus Initiatives      
a) Swach Bharath        
b) Clean India Programme_0001      
c) Green Campus Initiaties_0001      
d) Plantation by Youth Red Cross      
4. Beyond the campus environmental promotion activities    
a) AP Associatation pre annual conference     
b) Clean India Programme       
c) Environment protection campign      
d) Plantation by Youth Red Cross      
e) World Earth Day        

f) World Environment Day

h) Links Of Videos

Institutional efforts/initiatives in providing an inclusive environment i.e., tolerance and harmony towards cultural, regional, linguistic, communal socioeconomic and Sensitization of students and employees to the constitutional obligations: values, rights, duties and responsibilities of citizens
Admission Promotion ActivityRepublic Day Ambedkar JayanthiAnti Ragging  AwarenessAlluri Sitarama Raju Jayanthi
Alluri Sitarama Raju JayanthiWorld Aids Day Flicitation to Freedom Fighters Books distribution to poor Books distribution to poor 
Ambedkar JayanthiAmbedkar JayanthiFreedom struggle in AndhraGandhi JayanthiSri Murthy Raju Jayanthi 
Certificate Program on Ancient indian History & CultureBlood Donation CampIndependance DayCertificate Program on Gandhian StudiesDisaster management Training
Azadi Ka Amrith MahostavCatch the Rain Martyrs Day Guest Lecturer Importance of Socail Sciences to Life Field Visit to NTR Urban House Project
Babu Jagjivan Ram JayanthiCelebration of National Flag DaySri Murthy Raju Jayanthi Independence DayField Visit to Agriculture Market Yard
Blood Donation CampCSP Orientation Programme NSS DaySri Murthy Raju Jayanthi Certificate Program on Indian Freedom Struggle
Blood Donor Day Awarenss RallyCertificate Program on TourismRepublic Day Natioanl Webinar on Impact of Covid 19Independence Day
Blood GroupingElectroal Literacy ClubSankranthi SambaraaluSankranthi SambaraaluVoters Day 
Coaching for Compitative ExamsGandhi JayanthiNetaji Subash Chandra Bose JayanthiStudy-Project-on-Mobile-ApplicationsNava Nirmana Deeksha
Community Service ProjectHuman Rights DaySwamy Vivekananda Jayanthi

Subhash Chandra Bose Jayanthi

Republic Day
Dental CampCertificate Program on Human ValuesValmiki JayanthiTanguturi Prakasam Pantulu JayanthiSankranthi Sambaraalu
Distribution of Compitative Exam BooksIndian Constitutional DayWorld Aids Day Voters DayCertificate Program on Sankuntalophakyanamu- naitika viluvalu
Free Eye CampInternational Mother Language Day World Aids Day Student Study Project on Anna Canteen Scheme
Communal Harmony FundJyothi Rao Pule Birthday  Teacher’s Day
Gurram Jashuva JayanthiLouis Braily Birthday   
Guru PurnimaGurajada Apparao Jayanthi   
Internatioanl Yoga Day Women Teacher’s Day   
International Mother Language Day National Consumer Rights Day   
Jyothi Rao Phule Birthday National Education Day   
Legal Awareness ProgrammeNational Girl Child Day   
CC on Mahabharatam patralu- Jeevana naipunyaluNational Unity Day & AP Formation Day  
Martyrs Day Voters Day   
Mini Jobmela for Visuvally ChallengedSelf Defence Techniques    
Mother Theressa BirthdaySR Shankaran IAS Jayanthi   
Sri Murthy Raju Jayanthi Sri Sri Jayanthi   
National Consumers Day Valmiki Jayanthi   
National Deworming DayWorld Earth Day   
National Education Dayworld music day    
National Energy Conservation Day World Teachers Day   
National Girl Child Day Zero Balance Accounts   
National Human Rights Day     
National Science Day    
National Voters Day    
International Women’s Day     
Netaji Subash Chandra Bose Birthday     
Openday Orientation    
Raja Rammohan Rai 250th Birthday    
Rally On Gandhi Jayanti    
Sankranthi Sambaralu     
Swamy Vivekananda Jayanthi    
Teachers Day    
Telugu BashaDinosthavam    
Voluntary Service Blood Donation Camp     
Voluntary Service Blood Donation Camp    
Voluntary Service Mahasivarathri    
Voluntary Service Medical Camp    
Voluntary Service at  Red Cross Blood Center    
World Aids Day    
World Brailiy Day    



Title of the Best Practice:  MANAVATHA

1.Objectives of the Practice

  • To inculcate humanistic values among the students.

  • To develop social responsibility in students.

  • To always remember the pledge from school education that all Indians are brothers.

  • To provide the students with the joy of helping others and play an appropriate role in building a better society.

  • To implement the concept of social inclusion.

  1. The Context:

  • In spite of literacy in the society,either due to technical reasons or not getting used to the new technological methods some people find it difficult to perform certain operations at banks and hospitals.

  • During the festivals old people and disabled people face many problems at temples while going for darshan.

  • To help old and disabled people need help at diagnostics centers and hospitals as they face difficulty in finding and reaching right place/room for testing and OP consultancy.

  • So many patients are in need of blood in medical emergency.

  • Providing food to elderly people who are deprived and living on roadsides.

  • Employing fellow students to help the blind and physically challenged students in the college.

  • To set up a fund raising mechanismin the college to help the oldpeople and orphans in the near by places.

3.The Practice

  • All the students of the college are forming groups and attending many service programs under the guidance of NSS Officer and related lecturers. The implementation of this program will be as mentioned below.

  • Helping those who have difficulty in filling the forms at the banks and hospitals.

  • Providing assistance to the elderly and disabled at temples.

  • Providing assistance to old and disabled people at diagnostics centers and hospitals in finding and reaching right place/room for testing and OP consultancy.

  • Volunteering and donating blood at blood donation camps.

  • Helping the blind and physically challenged students in the college in performing their regular activities.

  • A hundi is being set up in the college to collect fund for helping old people and All the students are regularly contributing to the fund.

  1. Evidence of Success

  • Increased social awareness among students. They are actively participating in various service activities in and outside the college.

  • Students are getting special recognition in the society.

  • Increased awareness among the students about the problems in the society.

  • Disabled and poor students are giving  priority in getting  admission in this college.

  • This practice contributes a lot to the holistic personality development of the students.

  1. Problems encountered

  • Students have little difficulty in adjusting their time table.

  • Lack of financial resources.

  • Students with disabilities may face some inconveniences,

Keeping these things in mind,  RRDS  Government College is undertaking various service programs with the intention of promoting the sense of “humanity” in the best possible way. Thus, this Best Practice helps a lot in inculcating humanitarian values in students.



 1.   Title of the Practice:

“Pareto Analysis”


  • To improve the quality of imparting instruction in a logically consistent

  • To develop the conceptual clarity of the topic in the

  • Comprehensive understanding of all topics is necessary for the students to face competitive exams Teachers’ self-analysis of their instruction is essential to improve the quality of

2.    The Context:

The quality of the teacher’s instruction decides the future of the students. If their teaching is qualitative, it helps even a slow learner to come up on par with active learners. Hence, it is desirable that a teacher keeps a constant watch on his own style of teaching. Pareto analysis helps the teacher to find out the gaps in his style of teaching.

3.    The Practice:

Pareto Analysis system was introduced in this college to improve the quality of imparting instructions in a logically consistent fashion. Under this system, a common error committed by the majority of the students in answering a particular question, is attributed to lack of conceptual clarity or defective instruction. When an examiner who undertakes the valuation of scripts happens to come across such an error, it is desirable that the examiner concerned focuses on the particular chapter in which the majority of the errors occur.

4.Constraints/Limitations: Nil.

  5.Evidence of Success:

  • Teachers improved their quality of instruction after analyzing the results through Pareto analysis

  • Due to the impact of this practice, students got benefited by teachers’ self-analysis.

6.Problems Encountered:

 Nothing looked like a problem while continuing this practice.

(There is a chance of giving unequal weightage in teaching all units in the syllabus)


7.Notes: A model Pareto analysis sheet is provided in the following page:



                                                       Department of  …………………………

Name of the Examiner:



 Name of Subject:                                                                 Name of Exam:                                                            A.Y :       

Total No of  Scripts:

Question No


Probable errors

Wrong Presentation

Not Attempted

Incomplete Answer

Misunderstandin g

of question

Any Other (Specify)


No. of script s


No. of scripts


No. of scripts


No. of scripts


No. of scripts
























Signature of the Examiner